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  • F66362  Steampunk corset bustier
  • F66362  Steampunk corset bustier

F66362 Steampunk corset bustier

  • Item No: F66362
  • Weight: 0.82KG
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  • Description:
    Steampunk corset bustier
  • Price: $21.78


This steampunk corset comes in a pretty and strong brocade pattern and is finished with chains and studs on both sides. It has brass buckle fastenings that adding more excitement to this corset. If you are a steampunk connoisseur Love gothic elegance that is victorian inspired then this is corset is for you.

This steampunk corset is made of thick Percale Jacquard cotton and Faux leather (PU) Binding material good strong workmanship and has a very textured look.

it has cover fabric in the back and strong strings for tie-up so you can accentuate your body curves!

This corset is for fashion wear and has medium hard boning so it shapes you with comfort 

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