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  • F66359 sexy Beige corset

F66359 sexy Beige corset

  • Item No: F66359
  • Weight: 0.58KG
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  • Description:
    Vintage Inspired Overbust with Angled Panels and Shoulder Straps - Pinky Beige
  • Price: $26.68


Shape your waist, look one size slimmer instantly. This corset is steeped in Victorian-style elegance. It has a traditional feel due to its gorgeous fabric, angled panels and piping however the modern neckline, front lacing and distinctive wider straps add a dash of modern chic. Would work magnificently with a bustle skirt and the centrepiece to a Victoriana-infused ensemble, or for a more contemporary look, pair it with a pair of denim jeans and a smart jacket.

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