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  • F1670Sexy Womens Pretty Porcelain Doll Costume

F1670Sexy Womens Pretty Porcelain Doll Costume

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    Sexy Women's Pretty Porcelain Doll Costume
  • Price: $10.99


Porcelain dolls are a collector's dream, but this possessed doll is everybody's nightmare. The Sexy Women's Pretty Porcelain Doll costume is a darling dress in a black and white tartan plaid pattern. The top has a white lace ruffle collar and a white center panel, along with short sleeves accented with black satin bows and short bell cuffs in floral lace. A black satin belt with a matching center bow is attached to the waist, and below it a thigh-length skirt flares out. Barely-there black lace serves as a peplum and a trim.The showcase piece of this outfit, however, is the pale white mask. It black cracks spanning a tiny button nose, dark eye makeup, thin eyebrows, and full black lips with tiny, evil smirk. You can find extras to go with this outfit in our accessories section. Only included headband  . 

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