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  • F1481   Wonder Woman Licensed Ladies Costume

F1481 Wonder Woman Licensed Ladies Costume

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    Wonder Woman Licensed Ladies Costume
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This is a Wonder Woman costume. This version of her look is with her wearing pants instead of her traditional one-piece swimsuit. This is a seven-piece costume with a top, pants, shrug, gauntlets, belt, tiara and choker. The shirt is a spaghetti-strap top that is stretchy and form-fitting. The neckline of the top and shoulder straps are shiny gold. In the centre of the neckline’s gold trim is the Wonder Woman “WW” emblem. The pants and shrug are both dark blue stretchy material. The pants are long leggings with an elastic waistband. The shrug is a short jacket with elbow-length sleeves, a stand-up collar, and padded shoulders. The shoulders have foam interfacing and there are star designs adorning them. The gauntlets are armour with glovelettes attached. The glovelettes are fingerless with thumb holes. The armour is shiny gold with foam lining. The belt and the tiara are both shiny gold with foam lining as well. The belt has designs printed on, fastens close with Velcro and has tinsel string hanging off the hip that is meant to be the Lasso of Truth. The tiara has a star in the middle and Velcro fastening in the back. The choker fastens around the neck with Velcro and has a gold foam-lined pendant in the middle. This costume is perfect for a comic book convention, a League of Justice group costume, or Halloween.

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