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  • F1475 Ladies Costume Buccaneer Babe

F1475 Ladies Costume Buccaneer Babe

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    Ladies Costume Buccaneer Babe
  • Price: $17.49


With this sexy pirates costume you can dress up in a jiffy in a Pirates Princess and capture the hearts of men. At the corset leather look a white, strapless blouse is attached with long sleeves and a great lace top. The top is reinforced with chopsticks. Waist circumference can be regulated by a seductive lacing on the front and back. About the white tiered skirt with fine lace and lace top is half open, flowered skirt in elegant satin finish. The eye patch and headscarf complete this stunning pirate costume! Note: The word miniskirt is already exaggerated here! This costume is very tight and sexy cut. The elastic waistband is adorned with a beautiful black lace.

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